St. Nicholas Meeting

The St. Nicholas Meeting is an event of the Young Generation of the Czech Nuclear Society intended primarily for young people studying or working in the field of nuclear energy. The purpose of the meeting is to connect young people from different parts of the Czech Republic and enable them to present their work. The main content of the St. Nicholas Meeting is the presentation of the awarded bachelor's theses in the competition, which is regularly organized by the Czech Nuclear Society together with ÚJV Řež. The papers presented at the meetings come exclusively from the nuclear industry and are organized into proceedings after each year, to which ISBN numbers are assigned from the very beginning.

April trip

The April trip is another event of the Young Generation of the Czech Nuclear Society. It is a several-day meeting of members often associated with an excursion to nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic or abroad. Historically, very interesting places were visited in April, such as the training centre of the Pakš NPP, the RBMK reactor in Lithuania or the Västerås nuclear fuel plant.

Colours of Ostrava / Meltingpot

The young generation decided to spread awareness about the nuclear energy and related topics within the Colours of Ostrava festival. We would like to prepare a stall for the public, where we would answer questions related to the nuclear energy.

Informal meeting of the Czech and Slovak young generation

Another regular event is an informal meeting of the Czech and Slovak young generations. This is a one-day meeting to exchange knowledge and experience with our Slovak colleagues. Every autumn we meet in a wine-cellar in Moravia or in a brewery in Slovakia.

Excursion around Czech nuclear facilities

We regularly organize trips to Czech nuclear facilities.