The Czech Nuclear Society (CNS) is a voluntary and non-profit professional organization. The main goal of the CNS is to connect the Czech nuclear community, raise awareness and help educate the public in the field of nuclear energy and disseminate objective information on the peaceful use of nuclear energy.

The CNS brings together individual members interested in the issue of nuclear energy with organizations, schools, research institutes, manufacturing companies, etc. and collective members in the form of membership of legal entities or their organizational units.

CNS was founded in 1990 by a group of leading experts from the Nuclear Research Institute in Rez (ÚJV Řež). At the same time, it became involved in professional structures within Europe and became a member of the European Nuclear Society, which unites 34 countries. In the Central European region, it has long and closely cooperated with the Slovak Nuclear Society (SNUS) and the German Nuclear Society (KTG). The main purpose of the cooperation is the regular organization of NUSIM (Nuclear Societies Information Meeting) conferences. These conferences have been held since 1992 (Prague) alternately on the territory of the involved states. CNS also organizes important international conferences and working meetings at the national level, usually with foreign participation. Significant activity in the CNS is held by the young (Young Generation of the CNS) and the Women in Nuclear (WIN) association.

The highest body of the CNS is the conference, which elects the committee and the revision commission. The committee manages the activities of the CNS between conferences, elects the president and vice president.