The Czech Nuclear Society organizes for its members and the general professional public:

  • Working meetings (WORKSHOPS), usually monothematically focused. There is an effort to repeat these working meetings periodically. The aim is, at minimal cost, to give the opportunity to address specialized issues in a wider range of employees than one organization.
  • Professional conferences are more extensive meetings of Czech and foreign experts.
  • CNS ensures the participation of Czech experts in important international events. Significant discounts are provided for individual CNS members.
  • Professional lectures.

The Czech Nuclear Society regularly publishes a newsletter for its members which contains articles on current topics in the Czech and global nuclear energy sector. Another information channel about current events in the nuclear power industry intended not only for CNS members is the CNS Facebook page. Furthermore, the CNS organizes for its members the distribution of the information magazine of the European Nuclear Society New European Worldscan (NEW). CNS mediates the information from the ENS NUCNET network for its collective members (for a special fee).


NUSIM Conference

The Czech-Slovak professional conference on nuclear energy is a traditional event organized by the CNS. The event is aimed at meetings of the Czech and Slovak nuclear communities. Previously, the German section was also part of it, but it was abolished due to Germany's departure from nuclear technology. You can find more on the website.

VVER Conference

VVER conferences are organized by the CNS once every three years. The first took place in 2000 and the last took place in the autumn of 2019 ( and focused on current and future issues of the use of nuclear energy. In general, the purpose of the conference is to exchange information in all areas of safe, reliable, long-term and economically competitive operation of nuclear power plants with VVER-type reactors. The conference is intended for representatives of operators, technical staff, representatives of supervisory authorities, designers, manufacturers and suppliers of individual components, entire nuclear power units and nuclear fuel. Last but not least, attention is paid to the development of human resources, new technologies and new installations of nuclear units with VVER reactors.

Previous years:

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